Frequently Asked Questions

Use this list to get answers to common questions about our Heatshields.

Product Info

All of our HeatShields are made in the USA at our manufacturing plant located in Morgan Hill, California.

It all comes down to the construction and quality of the fabric we use. The idea is to provide a layer of "insulation" between your vehicle and the sun and that's exactly what we've created. Not to mention, our precise patterning techniques, computer aided cutting equipment and the best production team a company can ask for!

We've measured a temperature difference of as much as 40˚ F (25˚ C.), but you will feel an average temperature reduction in your car of about 25˚ F. To maximize the cooling effect check out our side and rear window Heatshields.

Our proprietary Heatshield material provides 100% UVA and UVB light protection. Please see the photo below of our test using a UVA/UVB light reader.

Our Silver and Gold Series HeatShields are made of the same material and perform equally well. The difference is purely cosmetic. The Silver Series features a silver reflective side with a white interior while the Gold Series features a gold reflective side with a black interior.

Ordering & Shipping Info

HeatShields for the vast majority of vehicle types are $49.95 including all side, rear, and top HeatShields. Due to the increased size and alternate production process of Semi-Truck HeatShields, the price for those windshield pieces is $69.95.

Coupon codes can be entered when reviewing your shopping cart or on the Order Review screen, before you have entered your billing information.

Once the order is placed, our team will contact you via email to confirm the shipping cost if our website can't calculate the shipping amount while placing and submitting the order. We usually use US mail (USPS) to ship internationally. If requested, we can quote the shipping cost using other couriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.); however, USPS is usually the most economical. The customer is responsible for any customs fees during delivery or pick up of the package. We don't have control over the customs fees, nor do we know the fee amount.

Most orders ship within 1-2 business days. During the busy spring and summer seasons, it can take a few additional business days to ship your order.

Of course, just select the "Will Call" option during the checkout process and we'll send you a notification once the ordrer is ready for pickup. Our address is: 18850 Adams Court in Morgan Hill, CA 95037 and we are open M-F 8am to 5pm.

Many of today's newer vehicles are equipped with safety sensors mounted on the windshield and located around the rearview mirror. When a Heatshield's description says "w/ sensor" it means that the cutout is sized to account for this sensor. In most cases, these sensors are for a lane departure or forward collision warning system. Below are sample images showing windshields with and without mounted sensors.


The regular cab has a single row of seats and a single set of doors, one on each side. Extended cab (sometimes called super cab) pickups have an extra space behind the main seat, sometimes including small seats. Crew cab (sometimes called double cab) pickups have a full back seat with two full size doors on both sides.

Installation Info

Simply unroll the HeatShield across the dash, lift it against the glass and bend it around the rear view mirror, then lower the sunvisors for support. To view the process and helpful tips, check out our install video. Click HERE

Bending your HeatShield to fit around your mirror is all a part of the simple installation process and will not damage your HeatShield. We design the HeatShield to fit around the rearview mirror in order to block out as much sunlight as possible.

Our side and rear window HeatShields are held in place with suction cups. For more information about our side and rear window HeatShields, check out this video: Click HERE

The HeatShield is designed to be rolled up for storage - NOT folded. Folding the HeatShield could compromise the integrity of the material and may cause premature wearing.

Our HeatShield sun shades are custom fit for every car, truck, and van, each precisely cut using our computer-driven cutting machines. For certain Heatshield designs we allow a maximum gap of a 1/4” due to either the shape, design, or position of the window. This fit tolerance or “gap” is purposeful and does not qualify as a “fit issue”.

Miscellaneous Info

There is a one-year limited warranty on the HeatShield, which covers manufacturing and material defects (e.g., material and/or velcro strap defect or the stitching is coming undone.) – Proof of purchase is required.
If there was a fit issue, we will do our best to improve the pattern or get you a full refund if you prefer.
However, if there was no fit issue with the HeatShield yet you still wish to return it, you can do so within 30 days of purchase by contacting us by phone or email to initiate a partial refund. The partial refund consists of the cost of the HeatShield and sales tax (if applicable) minus the shipping and a $5 restocking fee per item returned. You are responsible for arranging the shipping of the HeatShield back to us. Once you initiate the return process within our 30-day policy, please ensure our team receives your return within 45 days of the original purchase date.

This stamp verifies that the Heatshield pattern showcased on our website has undergone comprehensive certification by our proficient technicians. Our meticulous testing procedures ensure that this pattern adheres to our rigorous standards for custom fitment. If you wish to visually verify any certified Heatshield installed in a vehicle, please feel free to reach out to us directly for photographs. While we maintain a 30-day return policy for all certified Heatshields, it's essential to be aware that a $5 restocking fee and our non-refundable policy will be applicable to these returns.

We make a full line of HeatShields for most airplanes, jets and helicopters. We do not make HeatShields for home windows, etc.

We have patterns for almost all Class B & C motorhomes. Just search for the chassis your RV was built on. For Class A RVs, we can make HeatShields designed specifically for your RV. These HeatShields can’t be ordered online at this time so please call (408) 738-3959 or e-mail info@heatshieldstore.com to get started.

If you have a vehicle we can't get to, we can send you a patterning kit. The kit includes the necessary tools and instructions to create a HeatShield pattern. Call us at 408-738-3959 or email us at info@heatshieldstore.com.