About Us

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best custom-fit windshield sun shades and car window shades on the market by using high quality materials, cutting edge technology and U.S.A. based manufacturing.

A Brief History

Heatshield is the original custom windshield sunshade and it all began in the early 1980's as an expansion of Aircraft Covers, Inc. Heatshield had been protecting airplanes, jets and helicopters for many years and one sunny day, Heather Perlitch decided to try the product as a car window shade. From there, a patterning frenzy began and production ramped up for car dealerships and individual car owners. For almost three decades, we have patterned windshield shades and car window shades for side, rear and top windows of most vehicles on the road. With modern patterning techniques, computer aided cutting equipment and our expert sewing team - we provide the highest quality product on the market.

Patterning our custom-made windshield sun shades for every model car.
Our precision cutting equipment and expert sewing team make the highest quality car window shades on the market.